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The most specialized specialized center for textile printing in Iran


Deliberate selection of machinery based on product needs

Detect print output and customer needs for industrial printers or workshops, our experts in the most cost-effective and high-quality production process offer you


RIP Software

True coding equals quality output


Suitable raw materials

Choosing High Quality Ink + Cheap Paper – High Quality Ink + High Quality Paper Equal In Cheap Price


Supported by expert and experienced people

Unlimited support

کیفیت خروجی عینا در مانیتور - نرم افزار ریپ - زیروپلاس

Top Brands 

Top Companies in Digital Fabric Printing Requirements

فیلم از دستگاه هومر - دستگاه چاپ پارچه دیجیتال - شرکت زیروپلاس
why Us?

Why our choice? 

The most specialized sales center for digital fabric printing requirements

Backed by the successful and reputable 40 year presence of Turkish pimms company

  • Successful sales and commissioning experience of over 6,000 specialized digital fabric printing machines
  • We are fully specialized with experienced experts from the textile and printing industry to the final output.
  • Support and Warranty Please ask our customers
  • One of the most important factors in this industry today is having a professional profile which, fortunately, is fully specialized and professional for all machines present in the Iranian market.
  • Keep in touch with our experts about the satisfaction of your customers and devices
  • And finally, today we bring you the good news that with the best raw materials in the industry we can deliver the highest quality and cheapest output in a fully operational manner.
  • We will be with you at all stages
why Us?

We are who we are? 

The office of pimms Turkey in Iran is the
only center for providing all products and services of the major pimms company in Iran

فیلم از دستگاه هومر - دستگاه چاپ پارچه دیجیتال - شرکت زیروپلاس

Clients  and Partners

Top digital printing professional requirements

برند هومر - فروش ماشین آلات چاپ دیجیتال - Homer
برند ergosoft - نرم افزار ریپ - ICC -Ergosoft
برند کوچلو - دستگاه پرس رول تو رول - Guclu makina
برند پیمز - فروش ماشین آلات چاپ دیجیتال در ترکیه - Pimms
برند گولدن هورن - کاغذ - golden horn
برند axia- ماشین آلات چاپ دیجیتال - axia
برند SPC - جوهر سابلیمیشن - SPC Swiss
برند زیروپلاس - فروش ملزومات چاپ پارچه دیجیتال - ziroplus
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