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ErgoSoft RIP and color technologies

  • New Matrix for Random DepreciationErgosoft Introduces a New Color Combination Method and Enhances Photo Light Quality. Ergosoft's print environment settings are a new 3sf method that improves the rotation speed and precision of the dots, increasing the RIP speed and making the image slopes smoother. JobComposer - Print Environment - Print Settings - Quality - Dithering
  • The new PDFengine runs aurelon PDF engine on version 15 of Argosoft Rip. Various workflows have been upgraded, including changes that can improve the workflow of generating previews of images from PDF files dynamically and previewing The moment multi-page PDFs are faster than previous versions. The overall color management function and support for PDF / X files are noted. JobComposer - Tools - Options - Color Management - PDF
  • Advances in colorGPS have introduced Advances in colorGPS have introduced a new brightness scale and innovative mapping method to maintain pure color gradient accuracy. Early mapping algorithm is still available and supported. To create unparalleled slope uniformity a new parameter trimmer has been added that allows the user to adjust the smoothing rate for ICC color profiles produced by ColorGPS. Additional display channels can be limited. The program has the ability to narrow down the display channels and only reach a color level above a light level to minimize images that are visible through exposure and in a variety of light conditions. The profile preset system can now be used An automatic save feature that stores the essential ColorGPF information has been added to this program. JobComposer - Tools - Linearization & Profile Tools - ColorGPS
  • New CMS Architecture New CMS Architecture This version of Ergosoft has been updated using a new system with new CMS restructuring and management and is now fully compliant with all V4ICC standards. Gray ICC input profiles are now supported for gray scale images. 16bit per channel per pixel Image processing is now supported for all types of TIFF, PSD, PNG, JPG, BMP, AI, PDF files.
  • New TIFF file storage format has been addedto ensure monitoring and support of all files in a TIFF file set. JobComposer - Import
  • Universal Color Swap Support for Gray and LabColor Accessible Features The default global color swap in the software now supports gray and in-lab alternatives. JobComposer - Tools - Options - Color Replacement

Combining activities

  • The nested image has The nested image has a new image resizing feature that can automatically embed multiple images into one job or create a nesting mode in images. Images are set to facilitate crop or minimize image overload These nesting modes are used with the Hot Folder application. JobComposer - Edit - Nesting
  • Smart fillwith the exception of fixed Anzaz·h duplicate images to a network, you can enable the new Smart Fill the grid option is used. Smart Fill automatically fills a task (roll or sheet) with the selected image with or without rotating the image. JobComposer - Image - Duplicate - Grid
  • Instructional improvements Instructional improvements You can now determine the exact position of the vertical and horizontal guides. After the instructions are given in the specified activity, the images are automatically transferred to the position assigned to the Gide Line.
  • Auto-sync imagesAs images move in a print layout, they can be easily and quickly adjusted horizontally or vertically with other images
  • Image Position Specifications / Distribution Tasks and Instructions NewAlignment New options have been created to facilitate the positioning and alignment of images in the worksheet, as well as the addition of these options to facilitate easier positioning and sorting of images according to their specifications. JobComposer - Image Properties - Position
  • Print Environment as a Work Feature Print Environment as a Work Feature Now the print media and cutting environments are stored as a work feature. When switching between jobs, JobComposer automatically downloads the print and Environment and CutEnociation are used for the selected job. This new feature was created to alleviate problems when working with multiple activities. The relationship of the print environment to a design can be found in the Tools / Options / Application / User settings menu.
  • Multiple images can act as a single imageMultiple images can be selected and positioned without the need for grouping.
  • Information Information Customization Mode A new name (Customer Information) is added to the information page that allows users to personalize customer information into a design. Customer Information We can save it for later use if the pattern is repeated. Customer information that is displayed for a project applied in the details of the display plan and stored in the database production. JobComposer - Job Properties - Customer Info

Edit Image

  • Redesign of Contour Cutting Redesign Cutout Layout and Layout Settings The designs have been redesigned and are now individually operated by default cut and cut path settings. For this reason, it is possible to apply specific crop settings to all designs, as well as the option to override the overall settings and apply a new crop to a single design that is supported by all of these settings. JobComposer - Job Properties - Job Cut Settings
  • Adding crop pathsAdding the image in the counter cutting dialog can be selected as part of the crop path. obComposer - Job Properties - Job Cut Settings
  • EPS Generic Cutter DriverThis generic EPS cut driver update is used to send a cut path as EPS. JobComposer - Tools - Cut Environment
  • Step and repeat Step and repeat the Step & Repeat All other features of the image such as an image feature is available. EPS, PostScript and PDF files are now supported in addition to previous image formats. JobComposer - Image Properties - Step & Repeat
  • New Image Add- ons Several new image add- onsNew Image Add- ons Several new image add- ons have been added. The barcode extension allows you to define and place different barcode types on one image. QRCode, data matrix, PDF417 and barcode types 39 are available. RulerHorizontal and RulerVertical place a horizontal ruler above or below the image and a vertical ruler to the right or left of the image. JobComposer - Image Properties - AddOns - Install
  • Adding multiple images to a single imageMultiple Add-ons can now be used in a single image. For example, a multi-company brand can be attached to an image.
  • Spot Color Replacement The Replacment color feature lets you list channels in EPS / PDF and PSD / TIFF files, as well as color-specific image replacements for spot channels. JobComposer - Image Properties - Replace Colors
  • The mask image feature has added The mask image feature has added a new option called mask image property that allows the user to apply an image as a mask on top of the image in a task. The standard method of opening a file is used to apply an image mask. All TIFF, JPG, BMP, PS, EPS and PDF formats are supported and supported. Changes made to a mask can be saved and later used to speed up the use of a particular mask on a pattern. JobComposer - Image Properties - Mask Image
  • Channels addnew features to facilitate the management of additional channels added ink. A preview of the extra channel helps visualize the settings. Red, green and blue (RGB) layers can be added, each of which adds an additional channel to the RGB color. As with automatic channel generation in the Spot Channel white configuration, the additional channel feature enables the dot size to be reduced. JobComposer - Image Properties - Extra Channels
  • Mark the print layout to improve it Added separate controls to adjust header height and footer areas. In addition, a "reserved" area is available to preserve a particular part of the header or footer for image add-ons, such as barcodes. JobComposer - Image Properties - Print Marks
  • Adding Bleed to the Tiling property pageWhen white is selected as an overlay, Bleed can be used on the image to eliminate the unwanted white border. JobComposer - Image Properties - Tile
  • Pure colors, white and blackThis new feature supports pure color features for black, white and gray in post scripts and PDFs. JobComposer - Image Properties - Pure Colors
  • Enhanced User Rights Management This version is encrypted to protect the rights of professional users for greater security of information and experiences. Adjustable user access levels and access to job queue and job composer features. Windows Start - Maintenance Tool - Manage User Levels
  • The new startup manager lets the user deploy a number of designs or ripservers to the network to run automatically. If required, a Ripserver can be run for printing on one machine or a specific number of Rips can be performed for all devices on the network. Job composer, preview server, print clients, Hotfolder and the specific print client is automatically set up in the startup manager to start. Windows Start - Maintenance Tool - Automatically start programs Tray icon - ErgoSoft RIP Startup Manager
  • SimultaneousRipservers can be set up to eight RIPServers to ensure the highest RIP performance. ErgoRIP Startup Manager
  • Printer pool Each print environment in ErgoSoft RIP is associated with a specific printer ID. The printer ID consists of a specific printer type, a port connection, and a spool folder. When a design is being ripened and printed, the connection cannot be changed and the instruction cannot be changed. In a production environment where many printers are used alike, creating and managing multiple print environments for each printer can be so overwhelming that it is impossible to work with a high number of printers. Providing a multiple print environment or a print pool that is a set of identical printers connects them to a separate print environment rather than a specific printer ID. If multiple copies are required, the copy may be split between the printers in the printer pool. The printers in the printer pool should be the same as the model. Once defined and set up, the printer pool can be used in several print environments.
  • PrintClient and CutClient Taskbar Icons Display Printing Progressاکنون نمادهای نوار PrintClient و CutClient پیشرفت یک کار را نشان می دهند. وضعیت کار بدون اینکه پنجره PrintClient یا CutClient باز شود قابل کنترل است.
  • PrintClient and CutClient Taskbar Icons Display Printing ProgressNow the icons of the PrintClient and CutClient bar show the progress of a task. Working status can be controlled without opening the PrintClient or CutClient window.
  • JobCenter Changes Additional information has been added to Jobcenter job details. The software version used to process the work is displayed along with the date and time. In addition, the size of the spool file is recorded. Both a search field and a layout filter have been added to the JobCenter window. The job filtering feature enables the user to filter the entire list of jobs displayed. The existing filter criteria are extensive and the user can define it and name the filter sets to customize the task list organization. JobComposer - Tools - Modules - JobCenter
  • New Licensing System The newWorkflow License saves the license directly in the dongle. And now the dongle can be transferred to another computer without the need for the original license. License codes are downloaded over the Internet during initial installation. Internet access is required to automatically load the license on the dongle. However, offline licensing is still possible.
  • The Wizard Setup for Print / CutClients and PortConfiguration guides users through an installation guide during installation and configuration of Ergosoft. In this version, all data must be sent to the printer via the print client.
  • Name and Description of the Print Environment and Generator TheName and Description of the Print Environment and Generator The name of the print environment and description in this version can be automatically created using the Auto button on the print page's General Settings page. Kurdish. The description includes the following information: dither use, resolution, printing method, dot size, paper, driver information, heater information, colors, version, time created and user name ... JobComposer - Print Environment - Print Settings - General
  • Linearization Compressor File Description The linearization compressor Linearization Compressor File Description The linearization compressor query now automatically provides descriptions of the linearization compression details. And useful information. JobComposer - Tools - Linearization & Profile Tools - Density Linearization
  • Paper Size Correction Paper Size Correction Calculator A new paper size correction calculator can easily calculate the width and thickness of paper in any part of any print environment. JobComposer - Print Environment - Print Settings - Extras
  • Recommended Presets Revised Program defaults, color management preferences, various print recommendation marks as well as pre-set paper sizes are updated to the latest industry standards. JobComposer - Tools - Options - Job Default Settings - Import about company The Most Specialized Sales Center for Digital Textile Printing Supplies in Iran - Zero to 100 Setups to Ultimate Printing at the Highest Speed ​​and Quality
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