Printing Paper

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What do you know about digital printing paper?

The benefits of printing with special paper ziroplus
highest transfer inks for brilliant colors
of the most advanced coating available that uses
the paper in such a way that the color of the ink as much as possible during the process of sublimation release, resulting in brilliant colors create Slow. This makes it possible for the high ink burden needed to meet specific industrial needs. Based on research, the paper is special to support your quality printing needs.

کاغذ کوتینگ - کاغذ مخصوص چاپ پارچه دیجیتال - شرکت زیروپلاس
  • آیکون کاغذ - کوتینگ - زیروپلاس
    The widest grade and size
  • آیکون تیک - کوتینگ - زیروپلاس
    Highest quality
  • آیکون سرعت - speed - زیروپلاس
    High speed
  • آیکون کاغذ چاپ - کوتینگ - زیروپلاس
    Paper fits all
  • آیکون کاغذ - کوتینگ - زیروپلاس
    reduction in costs
آیکون پروسه سابلیمیشن - sublimation process- زیروپلاس
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