Printing Requirements


Digital Fabric Printing Requirements

With over years of experience in selling digital printing supplies in Iran

Printing Requirements

The Largest Specialized Sales Center of Digital Textile Printing Supplies in Iran – Zero to 100 Startups such as the best and the best machine, paper, press and quality ink types, and provide us with quality and speed output as well as affordable In the field of ink use

Homer - ماشین آلات چاپ دیجیتال - زیروپلاس

Digital Printing Machines

The best machine models and the most up-to-date digital fabric printing.

guclu makina - دستگاه پرس - زیروپلاس

Press Machine

The best models of press machine used in digital fabric printing, the best quality output.

جوهر neo ria - سابلیمیشن - زیروپلاس

Sublimation Essence

The best quality and most affordable ink for digital fabric printing

کاغذ کوتینگ - golden horn - زیروپلاس

Qouting paper & Not Qouting

Types of paper and most quality in the field of digital fabric printing

نرم افزار ریپ - Ergosoft - زیروپلاس

Ergosoft Software

RIP software, the most simple and powerful software in the field of digital fabric printing

زیروپلاس - فروش ملزومات چاپ پارچه دیجیتال - Ziroplus

Essentials Maintenance Guide

We encourage our users to follow these maintenance methods to reduce the number of crashes
with excellent results over a long period of time and extend their lifespan.

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