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About ZiroplusDPS 


A young but experienced collection

Missing Digital Fabric Printing – Due to the rapid growth of the art of digital printing in the world over the past decade, we have witnessed the growth and diversification of the industry.
But this quickly ignored much of the core consumer and consumer rights of the industry.
This gave rise to the large and highly specialized collection of ZiroPlus .
A collection of all the problems of this industry, which in recent years have been working round the clock to examine more than 200 collections in Iran and Turkey, with the cooperation of industry leaders in Iran and keeping up with one of the most prominent Turkish companies ( PIMMS ). We also walked.

Today we are proud to say that we are the most specialized in the field of digital printing supplies such as machinery , raw materials and related software in the art industry.

To help you take a small step towards producing quality Iranian goods .

Quality production of Iranian goods

Partnering with a reputable and powerful PIMMS company

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